Arterberry Maresh

UK Exclusive

Arterberry-Maresh’s Jimmy Maresh is one of the luckier inhabitants of the hallowed Red Hills of Dundee because his grandpa (Jim Snr) had the foresight to plant heritage clones of Pinot Noir – essentially old cuttings snuck across from Burgundy – in 1970. At this time most of the locals were still growing soft fruit and nuts, so this was only the fifth vineyard in Oregon to do so and the very first on the now densely-planted NE Worden Hill Road.

Arterberry-Maresh produces some of the finest examples of Pinot Noir in the region

Jim is an instinctive ‘touch’ winemaker which he applies to incredible effect. His wines achieve a knife-edge balance which satisfy the most ardent of Old-World Pinotphiles and his Chardonnays possess tension and ‘cut’ like the best from the Cote d’Or but – and this is the greatest part – with a flavour profile unique to the volcanic soils of Dundee.

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