Ballot Millot


Charles Ballot (Ballot-Millot et Fils) spent time in California with PYCM (they share importers on the west coast) in 2018 and afterwards PY urged us to go and see him. “Great wines and nice guy”. PY isn’t and wasn’t wrong. Over twenty years, our business has been built on you backing/following our hunches – in white Burgundy alone: PYCM, Dancer, Caroline Morey – and we’re totally convinced that Charles Ballot is the real deal, folks. Like many growers, Charles Ballot, the square-jawed hunk of Meursault, likens 2017 to “between 2014 and 2015 in style”. This isn’t just patter; Charles’s 2017s are knock out and let’s face it within our starry portfolio of whites, there’s a fair bit of competition. His wines display outstanding richness, depth and complexity, but super-fresh, mineral and whistle-clean too!

For Charles, 2017 is a perfect vintage

The range commences with a fine, nervy Bourgogne Blanc (Puligny and Meursault fruit), swiftly followed by a trio of Meursault village; shrewd Burgundy buyers won’t need convincing about the revered Meursault lieux-dits. All three wines are compelling. The Crus don’t really require introduction or chat but you’ll understand why – with Pierre-Yves Colin’s additional encouragement – we’ve gone ‘long’ with Charles Ballot’s 2017s.

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