New Côte d’Or domaines - with the potential to tingle the spines of avid A&B Burgophiles - are a rare occurrence these days. The region is extremely well-trodden and, as with all competitive markets, inside track is key; we owe the Fourriers for their kind introduction to Yann Charlopin - son of Philippe - and his wife Justine Tissier. This young couple have taken on the 'old David Clark' vineyards and supplemented them with family holdings, including three thrilling Marsannays, two red and one white.
Having tasted 'au domaine' frequently in the past year, it is patently clear that Yann and Justine have a very clear vision of how they want to make their own wines. For initial vintages, their 2013 and 2014s are mightily impressive, a huge step in what I’m sure will be a long and successful journey. What a delight it is to be working with a young couple, who are equally competent and confident at making red or white wines - trust me, it’s rare.