Christophe Vaudoisey

Naturally, we've long admired aristocratic de Montille and Marquis d'Angerville Volnays over the years, yet somehow we've never really got our Pinot-stained commercial teeth stuck into this famous but small commune.
That was until 2012 Grands Jours de Bourgogne, when we met Christophe Vaudoisey.  The “Grands Jours” takes place every two years, bringing together journalists and the trade from all over the world; not really our kind of thing, but hey-ho ... Bouley, Rossignol, Pousse d'Or and the names above - yes, all the Volnay gang - were present.
Vaudoisey is most certainly not de Montille or Marquis d'Angerville. The wines don't pretend or want to be that serious. What I can verify, however, is these are beauties that typify the synthesis of grace and power that is Volnay. We have the pick of the bunch at prices ridiculously low for such class.