Vincent Dancer

Vincent tries to interfere as little as possible with his wines. He does not perform battonage, nor does he fine or filter, and only wild yeasts are allowed in his cellar. His hands-off approach in the cellar is designed to allow each cuvée to show its individual characteristics. It is important that such stimulating Burgundies find our shores but please don’t go thinking these first-division Chardonnays are a replica of the PYCM style. No, Vincent’s lower yields make for more muscle, more oomph, and luxuriant fruit covering that vital backbone of minerality. They are wilder, more rock n’ roll, less precise perhaps, but that’s what makes them fascinating and exciting.

“I have noted the impressive upward trajectory of Dancer’s wines but 2010 takes his performance to heights that I have not seen before. The purity of the wines is impressive and they are well worth your attention…” ALLEN MEADOWS


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