Jean-Louis Chave

If you read the journos or magazines, they rarely tell the full JLC picture, it’s all about Hermitage; the grounded personality or deep commitment to his work and the appellation of St Joseph are often ignored. When JL returned to the domaine in 1995 - after university in the US - he could have easily maintained the status-quo and just continued making the two finest wines in the Rhône Valley: Domaine Chave red and white Hermitage. However, JL has a relentlessly inquisitive brain, a deep thinker constantly looking for new challenges. And the fact that he combines new projects whilst continuing to make the two best wines in the Rhône valley only further underlines what a remarkable winemaker, indeed man, he is.
What JL is achieving on these abandoned hillsides is nothing short of remarkable and underlines his painstaking devotion to his home region and origins. And, on top of this, in 2009 he bought a single walled vineyard of Marsanne and Roussanne on sedimentary soils next to the river, in his home town of Mauves. The idiosyncratic Clos Florentin has a historic reputation as one of the finest vineyards in the N. Rhone; the potential here is extraordinary.