‘Authenticity’; it’s one of those buzz words which all the marketing bods throw around, isn’t it? Artisan: that’s another one; usually attributed to a tattoo-marked craft beer/gin producer under a brick railway arch in Hackney or somewhere. We’d recommend these zeitgeist gurus visit the Guillemot family in the centre of Savigny les Beaune. While we’re sure they’ll be disappointed to discover a lack of selvedge Japanese denim and other assorted ‘artisan’ workwear, what they’ll find instead are an honest, caring family producing some of the most characterful and real wines we offer. The Guillemots (Jean-Pierre and his two sons, with Pierre himself still quietly observing from retirement) produce four premier cru Savignys (Jarrons, Gravons, Serpentieres & Narbantons) all of which can be exceptionally long-lived.

We’ve drunk bottles chez Guillemot of forty plus years of age, which have been superb

They also produce an excellent white wine made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc which can also age brilliantly well. In 1999, Jean-Pierre added a slice of the Le Rognet lieut-dit from the famous grand cru Le Corton to their range, which like their other wines is deep, strong, yet graceful and balanced.

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