UK Exclusive

Istine is a very exciting Italian producer located in the beautiful historic town of Radda-In-Chianti. Owner/winemaker Angela Fronti began her project in 2009 (making just 250 cases) after taking over three single vineyards from her father and uncle. It’s early days but when I met young Angela (on a recent trip to taste the new wines at Castellinuzza) I was knocked out by her ambition, knowledge of wine and her determination to create Chiantis which faithfully translate the terroir she has grown up in. Women winemakers (dare I say women professionals) in Italy are woefully underrepresented and Angela has assembled an all-female cellar team. She is encouraging her young recruits to taste widely and attend wine school.

“I want to encourage as many female winemakers as I can”

This is a different part of Chianti from Castellinuzza and with very different soil-types. If the Castellinuzza wines are so wonderful for everything they are not (no wood, no technical winemaking etc); Angela’s wines are those born of a greater ambition and having worked on a winemaking project with the great Luca Currado from the famous Vietti estate in Barolo, one cannot help but feel that Angela too is destined for greatness.

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