Mugneret, Gérard

UK Exclusive

The “engineer of Vosne”, Pascal Mugneret has the attention to detail of his previous life (an engineer for Philips) coupled with a deep-genetic understanding of his vineyards (Vosne, Nuits, Chambolle and Savigny) which were originally put together by woodseller Eugene Mugeret (Pascal’s great grandfather) followed by his son Rene who was the first to make a living making wine from the vineyards. Pascal took over from his father, Gérard, with the 2005 vintage and has since converted the vineyards to organic viticulture and continues with every vintage to refine the production.

Since taking over in 2005, Pascal Mugneret has changed just about every aspect of this well-appointed Vosne estate.

Vineyard practices have been revolutionised, moving from conventional farming to biodynamics. Ever-restless, Pascal has also ‘unpacked’ certain cuvées; Passetoutgrains is now called Pourpre VdF, his Vosne village is now three cuvées – Quartrain, Au Vigneau and PreColombière – from complimentary sites. Likewise, his NSG Boudots is two crus: Cras and the regal Richemone, which he now serves after Echezeaux. The wines are terrific and, make no mistake, this is one of the very smartest estates in Vosne today. And, when you consider what his great friend Vicomte Louis-Michel Liger-Belair charges, suddenly the wines seem fair value!

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