Podere Castellinuzza

UK Exclusive

Perched at 500m on the ridge at Lamole, high above Greve-In-Chianti sits Podere Castellinuzza di Paolo Coccia, at their Eden-like farm and their magnificent 100 year-old Albarello-trained Sangiovese vines, tended by ‘young’ Paolo (77 years and not looking a day over 60) and his beautiful daughters: Serena and Martina. The Coccias farm the thin, sandy soil – once the bottom on the ocean, now at high-altitude, at the head of a lush, north-facing valley where, as well as making the purest of Chiantis, the Coccias also have chickens (including of course a black rooster – Chianti’s famous emblem), vegetables, olive trees and the most delicious apricots we’ve ever eaten. Their Chianti Classico is a wine of the utmost purity: fermented in a cement tank and then racked into a second cement tank for aging, this is Sangiovese (and a touch of Canaiolo) stripped bare; unadulterated by wood or winemaker ego.

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