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Mike founded Beaux Freres in 1987 with the backing of his brother-in-law, the infamous wine critic Robert Parker and French-Canadian Robert Roy. This pioneering estate, set on the Ribbon Ridge, these days alongside Patty Green and our beloved Brick House, quickly developed a reputation for producing wines at the very pinnacle of the Oregon scene, with prices to match the huge demand. The offerings from this little vineyard became extremely collectable and are now listed north of $400 a bottle in the local Newberg restaurants!

Mike’s not a flashy guy; he drives an old truck and lives humbly in the woods next to his vineyards

Like his close buddy Doug Tunnell, Mike Etzel is an evangelical biodynamist. He makes all his own preparations and sprays, taking full advantage of living next to his newly planted vineyard, walking the site several times a day, always with his eye – like a gardener – out for anything which needs his attention. The soil here is the same as at Brick House; marine sediments, once the bottom of the Pacific but being a clearing in the woods, protected from adverse weather. It’s like a little sheltered corner of Eden with its own unique micro-climate. Yes, Sequitur is an encapsulation of everything Mike learned in his 30 years at the helm of Beaux Freres and the wine is truly special.

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