UK Exclusive

James Frey, owner winemaker at Trisaetum seems to present us with a better range of wines on every visit. Self-taught, his winemaking has improved in leaps and bounds since Louis Jadot and their highly respected veteran winemaker, Jacques Lardiêre, set up shop in James’s cellar three years ago to begin their own Oregon adventure. They’ve recently left Trisaetum but, during their stay, James picked Jacques’ brain for every bit of his 50+ years of winemaking knowledge.

James Frey: fiercely intelligent, absurdly energetic and extremely inquisitive

Last year we spoke about how much the Trisaetum Chardonnay had improved, this time a special mention must go to the Ribbon Ridge Estate cuvée, which for us had previously lagged slightly behind the Coast Range and the Wichmann. In 2016 the Ribbon Ridge is beautifully assembled and with terrific delineation – really a very serious wine. James’s thrilling 2017 Rieslings also deserve a plug too.

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